Published: Monday, 28 October 2013

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? Like most little girls, I dreamt of being the next Darcy Bussell; a beautiful ballerina, wearing the most exquisite tutu, made from the finest materials, in hues of pinks and purples, pirouetting across the stage of the Palais Gariner or the Royal Opera House.

However, my dream soon came is a realistic halt when two things happened. Firstly, the discovery that I had two left feet was bad enough, but then puberty happened… No ballerina I had ever seen resembled the shape my body had taken, and so my dream was dashed and I tried to console myself by finding another occupation that took my fancy. (Just for reference, I think it was in fact working in a supermarket, because I wanted to wear a name badge and use the scanning-machine. I know, high aspirations!)

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time…

However, my deep buried and somewhat forgotten dream was once again reignited last week, when news of a possible new collaboration with an up and coming designer, hit the FYP HQ.

‘be poppy !’ is a Paris based company, owned by Michaela that creates stunning handmade tutus. What is more, is the story, or should I say fairytale, that accompanies the creation of ‘be poppy !’, that left us all believing we still could be that fairy-princess or ballerina, we had always dreamt of being.

Two of 'be poppy !'s short style tutus in Apricot colour

Two of ‘be poppy !’s short style tutus in Apricot colour

Thanks to Michaela’s mother, a couture designer from the ‘Bonne vieille ecole’, Michaela grew up in a world of fashion and couture, it was natural that she picked up the basics of couture and fashion design from her mother. Not only raised around fashion, but also dance. For many years, Michaela danced competitively (think Dance avec les étoiles!), and over the course of her dancing career, wore and marveled at decadence and beauty of the costumes and their striking impact in accordance with the physical movement of the dancers. However, the story really begins when Michaela was asked by her good friend Monika Banas (of to create a tutu for a photo shoot. Monika had an exact image and vision of what the tutu should look like, its form and how is would respond to movement.

After numerous phone calls and emails, and endless material researching and testing, finally the first tutu was created, in a classic ivory colour.

Shopping Paris

Baby sized tutu with matching doll’s version

After the success of the shoot (see here for images, it got Michaela thinking. Her self-described feeling of a dreamy and romantic lightness, somewhat like a ‘a poppy flower’ when she wore the tutu, fashioned from a thousand layers of light tulle. This sensation aroused a new sentiment for the skirt… et voila! The fashion label ‘be poppy !’ was born!

Michaela- the creator of 'be poppy !'

Michaela- the creator of ‘be poppy !’ wearing one of her own long tutus in classic ivory colour

‘be poppy !’ is sold through Michaela’s e-boutique at , (see links at bottom), with new colours, and styles being added constantly!

The tutus come in five sizes- (Baby, 2-5 ans, 6-10 ans, teen and adult)

Short, and red!

Short, and red!

At ‘Fabulous You Paris’ we are so excited to now be working ‘be poppy !’. Keep checking online for regular updates about ‘be poppy !’ and her tutus, as there is going to be more posts and work together happening very soon, so watch this space!

We too are jumping for joy at this news!

We too are jumping for joy at this news!